Chiltern Music Therapy - Website

Illustrating the transformative impact of Music Therapy through a website that deepens target audiences understanding of the services provided

01 Where it all started

After developing a services platform another challenge to tackle was the limited understanding people have of Music Therapy. The aim was to address this gap in awareness by developing intuitive user flows, targeting specific audiences and demonstrating more clearly what Chiltern is all about.

Communicating how transformative Music Therapy is would encourage people to use their services, promote them and donate. Providing the ability for staff to update content would enable Chiltern to reach a wider community with key information. This was especially important after the organisation had undergone a huge digital transformation and rebranding.

02 Where we came in

Our partnership was continued with this new project and we outlined a 14-week programme including discovery and definition phases, site mapping, and prototyping before the website build.

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03 What we delivered

1.0 UX Phase

Along with the wonderful product owner, Katie, we dove into the old website using that to inform a new structure and to landscape how the redeveloped website would differ. After setting out the goals and aims, we explored the user personas and formulated the user stories which then gave us shape the flow of the site. There were many different usertypes which made it a challenge to encompass their varying needs. Some users are donors who will need to be shown the impact - conversion rates was a top KPI. Other users were those wanting to make referrals either from the perspective of a parent, school or hospital and so those different groups required their own specific flows whilst aiming to keep consistency. A site map was built to create a skeleton of how the website would be structured - this was used by both the design and development teams to have a clear overview to work from.

2.0 Design Phase

After conducting a handover process, the prototype was designed based on creative research in the brand review and landscaping, as well as, the assumptions outlined in the UX workshops. Once this had been reviewed by Katie, we conducted usability testing to validate those assumptions or make any changes that improved the intuitivity of the site. Also in collaboration with Katie we outline the CMS structure so the organisation had access to updating specific areas with the appropriate inputs.

3.0 Development Phase

For sites, we use webflow which is an incredibly powerful website builder that allows for custom code scripts and CMS integration. Enabling the client to update content was a high priority so this was great choice for this project. Another key feature was an improved referral process. Originally there was no secure way of monitoring referrals and so we designed an enquiry form which would allow for Chiltern to manage that process better. In addition to this we developed a booking system for users to get involved with training and events, this was integrated using eventbrite.

It has been really great working with Yalla to create our new website.

From responding to our brief to in person workshops to bring the vision to life to finally a brand new shiny website, it was a hugely positive experience. The focus that Yalla have on the user when building a website really did set them apart. We are so happy with the website we now have and the ability we have to make changes ourselves and to request changes from the dev team makes everything so much easier to manage.

Katie Shuster