Building a powerful reviews platform setting new standards for workers in the construction industry

01 Where it all started

Earwig is a start up company looking to provide more accountability, security and community within the construction industry. Their mission is to build a worker-led community that give construction workers a voice and sets new standards for construction jobs.

Here’s a video explaining that problem they’re looking to solve:

02 Where we came in

earwig asked us to create a brand new reviews-based platform from scratch for them to do this. It would need to enable workers to share experiences and information, but importantly protect their identity while ensuring all input was verified. Working in partnership with their in-house resources, we took the product from a design prototype through to full implementation.

User Experience Design
Full stack development
Information Architecture
Content Management Systems

03 What we delivered

1.0 Understanding the client and their needs

earwig had carried out extensive user research and testing of initial design prototypes, so we first ran workshops to do a user and design audit, assessing what stage of the process they were at to agree the most efficient way for us to work with them.

This involved breaking down every user and user journey, prioritising to ensure we can deliver the quickest prototype to take back for further testing.

2.0 Delivering the very first product iteration of earwig

By the end of the first development sprint we had built a reviews platform which enabled users to:

  • Securely sign up and create accounts, verified by admin
  • Search and read reviews for Agencies, Payrolls, Worksites and Companies
  • Review any organisation with their identity protected

This iteration enabled earwig to do further user testing as well as a prototype to secure investment from leading construction companies.

3.0 Growing from prototype to full national rollout through continuous iterations

Following feedback from both users and the client, we have continued to iterate on the product building in features - from voice messages to a rewards-based system - as well as continuously improving on the existing user flows.

We are still the sole development team working on the project, with further development plans in place following the next phase of user testing.

Despite my demanding a lot from Yalla in terms of quality ​and​ quantity of work, they have given me precisely what I dreamt about building and they’ve done it fast, too.

I’ve been working with Yalla for six months and the word I would use to describe them best is ‘reliable.’ At first I was concerned about hiring Yalla because the ‘remote’ development aspect made me feel like I wouldn’t have the closeness I felt I needed, especially as a virgin founder with zero product experience. But Yalla made me feel in control and included from day 1 by being well structured, reliable and honest.

I would highly recommend Yalla if you’ve got a product vision and are looking for real, trustworthy and hardworking people to accompany you along the way.

Harrison Moore