Gwent Connect 5

Creating an end-to-end training tool for the NHS

01 Where it all started

Connect 5 is a mental health promotion training programme, currently being used by Aneurin Bevan University Health Board, designed to increase confidence and skills of front line staff in having conversations about and manage issues around mental health and wellbeing.

Training though faced numerous challenges, from session management to consistent impact reporting. This made administration a lengthy process for trainers and organisers, complexities for participants in getting the materials and information they need, and no easy way to measure and demonstrate the impact the programme was delivering.

02 Where we came in

We designed and developed an end-to-end training management system, enabling trainers to set up and promote sessions and for participants to enroll in sessions, access course materials and complete course-related evaluations.

This ensured a consistent platform for all data to be collected, which our tool could then process and visualise in a way that easily enables the stakeholders to assess and demonstrate impact.

User Testing
User Interface Design
User Experience Design
Information Architecture
Full stack development

03 What we delivered

1.0 Providing an end-to-end solution

Through user research we discovered trainers were using all sorts of different systems and platforms to deliver their work. We built for them a ‘one-stop’ place for their training needs. Trainers can create sessions, automatically send out invites, keep track of registered participants and automatically send out, collect and analyse evaluations. Course participants can access all the materials they need and automatically receive their certificates on completion - all reducing the admin work for trainers and making it easy for participants to track their progress through the course.

By building an end-to-end solution, we could ensure that all activity and feedback was stored in one place, ensuring ABUHB had consistent data to analyse the programme’s impact.

Since roll out in October, over 300 sessions, 1,100 participants and 1,000 responses have been successfully delivered and recorded through the tool.

2.0 Ensuring high quality data protection and privacy

As with any digital tool, what and how you ethically and securely collect users’ data should be a key consideration in the overall technical design. Through Consequence Scanning and Data Protection Impact Assessments we could ensure we were only collecting what was absolutely necessary and quickly identify potential impacts for us to mitigate in our development work.

3.0 Setting up the platform for a tool that can scale to deliver any training course and data capture

Following the success of our initial work, other departments and trusts across the NHS, such as the Northumbria Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust, have been keen to roll out the platform for other training and courses, including MECC and Alcohol Prevention. As well as adding their courses to the platform, we have been able to further develop its functionality to that any organisation can use the tool to deliver any sort of training they require with meaning data collected and visualised.

If you’re interested in us building something similar for you too, then get in touch!

Jackie Williams
Senior Health Promotion Specialist, Aneurin Bevan Gwent Public Health Team, Public Health Wales