Our approach and services

What is our approach?

user centred approach is at the heart of everything we do

Whether it's building a website, an app, carrying out user research or running design thinking workshops for you and your team, we make sure we work with you to truly understand your users and what they need. After all, if we don’t help you build something that your users truly want, then we’re not helping you build something you need. So, how do we get there? We go through three phases: Discovery, Design and Develop.

And then we go around again! Taking the product back to the users, to discover more about how they need the product to develop and so on.

This tight, cyclical approach ensures we build your product in the most efficient way, with you fully in control and secure that you‘re creating something that will be used.

01 Discovery

We'll start with understanding your problems, your users and ideate on solution

With our UX and UI designers we are able to work with you to break down the problems you are looking to solve, really understand the people you are solving these problems for and reach initial ideas to take and test in the design phase. We are able to work out where you are on your journey, delivering the exercises needed to pick up from your work on develop it further.

02 Design

We'll then prioritise your users' needs, create wireframes and design prototypes to shape the product

Before we write even a line of code we want to make sure you have confidence in the digital solution you are building. Through wireframes, interactive prototypes and user testing we will be able to test key ideas and assumptions to ensure what you are building truly meets the problems you are looking to solve.

03 Develop

Next, we'll build and user test the features to make up your product

Through short, very targeted periods of development work, we will look to build your product in the most efficient way possible, constantly bringing it back to test with your users to ensure the product is always built in a truly user-centred way.